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QUOTE (hoppy @ 18 Oct 2008, 22:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi,
I am very new to DCC, ( hearing a bachmann 37 has a lot to answer for
, what an excellent insentive to start dcc. ) I wish to install a Lok sound chip into my bachmann evening star which as you now is dcc ready, the question I have is where is number 1 pin ( orange ) , which corner , front left or right rear.?

I have found the answer to my next question on this site, that is yay or nay to removing the capasitors

***That is a hard oneto answer without knowing the specific loc, as some 8 pin plugs are oriented front and rear and others are set aross the loco... and a front left becomes a front right when the plug rotates 90 degrees!

A simple aswer for you:

There should be a star, a 1 or a mark of some other kind to show pin 1.

if you get it right, the loco will go forward when you tell it to and the lights will work directionally/properly (turn on with function 0)
if you get it wrong, the loco will go backwards when you say forwards, and the lights will not work.

you will NOT damage the decoder if you put it in the wrong way around... so look first, and if U aren't sure, just try it.


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