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Hi all i am new to the forum only just found it!, my question is: I want to go dcc mainly for the sound side of things, which system should i go for i am not looking for loads of functions all i want is to go up and down with sound i'm not worried about turning myriads lights on and off on my locos, i was thinking of a budget of around £150, other thing is i want to be able to buffer up to another loco and move both off together i think its called consisting?, what are these sound chips like do they actually sound any good ive seen some at exhibitions but in the noise of a hall its very hard to judge the quality, Many thanks in advance Tonyp.
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I can't comment on the sound side of things but even a basic system like the Hornby or Bachmann units will let you "consist" or double head or bank.

good luck and welcome to the forum.

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