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Hi all i am new to the forum only just found it!, my question is: I want to go dcc mainly for the sound side of things, which system should i go for i am not looking for loads of functions all i want is to go up and down with sound i'm not worried about turning myriads lights on and off on my locos, i was thinking of a budget of around £150, other thing is i want to be able to buffer up to another loco and move both off together i think its called consisting?, what are these sound chips like do they actually sound any good ive seen some at exhibitions but in the noise of a hall its very hard to judge the quality, Many thanks in advance Tonyp.
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Every DCC user will recommend his/her own system. My advice is as always go for the reliability, service, features, and amps.

YOUR FIRST MOVE SHOULD BE TO BUY "DCC MADE EASY" READ AND BREATH IN THE CONTENTS only then can you make a sensible decision. As suggested make the effort and try a few DCC systems, and if you have the bucks don't waste your money on Mickey Mouse systems. Buy and established make, with service, and knowledgeable advice. If you wait for this or wait for that you'll never get started. Best of all is to find someone in your area with a bit of experience, so you can ask the odd question one to one.

Starting with Amps: if you going to use loco's with sound they do use more amps, depending on the size of layout and the number of loco's look at 5 amps tops. You can go higher of course, but then you have a fairly potent welding machine.

Features: what's the point of going DCC if you don't get all the bells and whistles, go for the maxium for your buck, and forget about the controls are like driving a train, thats not what DCC is all about. DCC is hand controls taking your hand set to where your shunting or changing loco's in a station it's about freedom to operate. You have to make quite a BIG DECISION EARLY ON, regarding the route you'll take since we have three cab bus systems, but it's all in the book you can buy it from Amazon for less than a tenner.
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