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Hi all i am new to the forum only just found it!, my question is: I want to go dcc mainly for the sound side of things, which system should i go for i am not looking for loads of functions all i want is to go up and down with sound i'm not worried about turning myriads lights on and off on my locos, i was thinking of a budget of around £150, other thing is i want to be able to buffer up to another loco and move both off together i think its called consisting?, what are these sound chips like do they actually sound any good ive seen some at exhibitions but in the noise of a hall its very hard to judge the quality, Many thanks in advance Tonyp.
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Hi Tony,

As someone who has been into digital sound for a couple of months and DCC for just under a year i am a relitive newbie.

South West Digital are top of the class for sound chips and they are cheeper than the other 2. Howes models have some very good sounds but seem to have problems with stock. Mr sound guy is good but the sounds are quite quiet even when on full volume. Bachmann 66 is quite good but i think the whistling on their class 20 doesn't sound right as it drowns out the engine sounds.

I am currently using the NCE PowerCAB as it has plenty of functions and has enough power to run 2 sound equiped loco's passing about 2 Amps to the track . I will be using this system on my 10 x 2.5 foot layout. It is quite a good value system. I got it for £92 pounds from Bromsgrove Models. They also do a booster pack for £54. the 1 major problem with the PowerCAB is that it needs an add-on for it to use a power track. This is not a problem for me as I also use a SprogII (which is another excelent piece of kit) but you will need the extra switch unit for £13.

If you need anymore help feel free to ask.

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