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QUOTE (Tonyperks @ 15 Feb 2007, 17:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all i am new to the forum only just found it!, my question is: I want to go dcc mainly for the sound side of things, which system should i go for i am not looking for loads of functions all i want is to go up and down with sound i'm not worried about turning myriads lights on and off on my locos, i was thinking of a budget of around £150, other thing is i want to be able to buffer up to another loco and move both off together i think its called consisting?, what are these sound chips like do they actually sound any good ive seen some at exhibitions but in the noise of a hall its very hard to judge the quality, Many thanks in advance Tonyp.

Welcome to the forum Tony.

You will need quite a few functions if you are going for sound - basically if your controller does not have enough functions for all the sounds in your locos you cannot use them & probably wish you had stated with a better system.

The Gaugemaster Prodigy at around £180 is a good mid range unit or the Lenz LH100 for about £40 more, both of which I have & use, although they are a bit over your budget.

The Bachmann Dynamis or the Hornby Elite may be OK when they come out, so it may be worth the wait - time will tell & there are many opinions here about them already !

Digitrax have a good reputaion too, although I have no experience of them, only because I think (& this is a purerly personal opinion) the unit looks too "Maplinish". There are a number of well happy Digitrax users here also.

Take your time have a good look & think about the features you require now & are likely to need in the future. If possible have a play with as many systems as you can.
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