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Hi all i am new to the forum only just found it!, my question is: I want to go dcc mainly for the sound side of things, which system should i go for i am not looking for loads of functions all i want is to go up and down with sound i'm not worried about turning myriads lights on and off on my locos, i was thinking of a budget of around £150, other thing is i want to be able to buffer up to another loco and move both off together i think its called consisting?, what are these sound chips like do they actually sound any good ive seen some at exhibitions but in the noise of a hall its very hard to judge the quality, Many thanks in advance Tonyp.
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Welcome Tony and Hi,

You'll find a lot of advice here, and a modicum of disagreement. I would say, read the threads elsewhere on the subject and then wait. Possibly the best way to make your mind up is to attend a local show - more and more layouts are now going digital.

My personal opinion would, at the moment be to consider the Gaugemaster Prodigy or the Roco Multimaus, both of which fall into your approximate price range.

Alternatively you could wait and see what the Hornby Elite and Bachmann Dynamis turn out like.


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