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new train sets

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I recall seeing a thread on here or the Hornby site about where to buy train sets.

I received a flyer this week from Clifford James with some interesting sets, including coaches track etc for what i think is a reasonable cost.

See for more details.

please note that I am not an employee of the said company but have bought two sets from them.
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They have always seemed rather pricey to me , added to the fact that they are not model railway specialists. For example the Blue Pullman set they are selling for £99.99 is selling at Rails of Sheffield for £69.99.
All I can really suggest is decide on the train set you like or want to buy. Do a google search on it and you will find some great prices.

If you look their are some fantastic prices out there and in some cases you can save maybe 50-60GBP on a new set.

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