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The latest version of Roco's Rocomotion computer control system has been released. On the Roco website you can download a trial version to try our for yourself.

Rocomotion 5.8

The latest version of the successful computer software for the model railway control system.

The perfect improvement for all users of multiMAUS. Now you can use the advantages that multiMAUS offers you also with Rocomotion.

All new features on a view:

9999 locomotive addresses

1024 turnout addresses

Control of light and 20 additional functions for locomotives

(Automatic) Passing control between computer and multiMAUS

Transfer of the locomotive library from the computer to the multiMAUS

When the automatic mode is on, Rocomotion locks the turnouts on the route to avoid collisions

Programming of long addresses with the new TrainProgrammer

TrainProgrammer now also supports POM (Programming on the Main)

Updated manual for Rocomotion 5.8

Rocomotion is based on Railroad & Co. TrainController from Freiwald Software, the proven software for model railroad computer control.

Why not give it a whirl and see if computer control is for you.

Link is here.

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Has anyone successfully transferred a loco to a Multimaus? Tried this afternoon but the locos 3 digit CV address as entered in Rocomotion came out as a letter and 3 completely different digits on the Multimaus causing an ERR13 display. Also is the reverse possible - uploading locos from the Multimaus to Rocomotion?
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