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Hi Everyone,
Last September I decided to build a 6'x4' layout for my 4 year old grandson who (up to now) has shown little interest and now I find myself
totally immersed in a much larger project (from which he is banned-joking!!).I wish I had found this forum before wasting a lot of time and
money, however,I have progressed to using a Power Cab controlling a layout split into an industrial and rural area running a 47,56,66,DMU
and a Coronation class, with no particular theme.
Now my question,-I am very pleased with the power Cab and I can control individual points with the accessory key through two Hornby
decoders but I would like to route (up to 6 points) using the "macro key" but try as I might whilst it accept the addresses 61,62,....when I come
to use it only the first point programmed moves.
Is the Power Cab not compatible in this mode with the decoders or am I missing something?
Thank you for any assistance, John Horne.
PS. I am using a 3amp continuous, 7amp surge supply.
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Hiya and welcome,sorry I cant help you,I use dcc but not for points and mines Dynamis. Im sure someone will be along to help you shortly or you could try doing a search in the dcc area? Anyway,good luck
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Hi and welcome, Sorry I cant help you with your problem. I use hornby elite to controll trains and use wire in tube to control points as I have a hell of a job remembering addresses!
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