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Newbie, Old track.

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Trying to post piccies of my N gauge layout on which I am about to relay all the trackwork.

Here we go !!.

What do you think of this ??.

VBR Chris A.
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Well, for some reason, that seemed to work !!??.

Here is another piccie of the track.

The back to back points in the immediate foreground are the most trouble, only two locos will cross the points left to rt without de-railing, little Bachmann 0-6-0 Class 04 Diesel shunter and a Minitrix 4-6-0 tender drive,and none will go rt to left !!.

That "loose-end" rail at the right is currently coupled up to the free point.

Dont you think the builder did a good job ?. When I have replaced all the track it will be a very nice layout.

vbr Chris A.
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Here is a piccie of the station board, which I intend to couple up in a linear layout rather than the original "T" set-up.

What do you make of that eh ??!!.

vbr Chris A.
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Hi Chris. You finally cracked the picture posting then and I see that you are now using Photobucket so I'm guessing Fotopic was the root cause of your problems.

That certainly is a fascinating layout you have got hold of there. It looks quite intricate with plenty of operational interest. I can foresee a couple of problems when you come to wire up the new track though, but we'll cross that bridge when you get to it. I'm thinking particularly of the Y shaped track arrangement at the bottom left hand corner of your last picture which will require some form of polarity switching arrangement, preferebly automatic.

With regards to that troublesome back to back point I can't immediately see anything that might be causing the problem though I suspect one or both of the points have become distorted, either over time or in transportation. If you're re-laying all the track, however, that should sort itself out.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Hey Expat,

Not bad eh ??.

Incidentally, I dont know what the piccie posting prob was !!.

The "Y" will disappear in the re-config to linear which I mentioned earlier.

I know what I mean anyhow !!.

VBR Chris A.
I don't quite see how the station board is meant to connect to the rest of the layout.

In your picture of post #2, one of the problem points leads to a very short siding and just next to it a train appears to go off the edge of the board, but doesn't quite as the rails are cut before it gets there. I wonder if this used to connect to the very short siding, which would create a complete circuit round the outer edge and give the trains from the high level terminus somewhere to go.

In relaying the track, you might consider removing the problem points and making three parallel tracks on this section. If you then replace the crossover on the left with the opposite hand, then trains can start from the high level terminus and run round the outer circuit a few times without affecting other trains on the inner tracks. Then by using this crossover they can transfer to the next circuit in, and eventually end up in the low level terminus ready to reverse and return the same way.
Hi Edwin,

thanks for your interest.

The guy who built this layout, in my humble opinion, did a tremendous job, probably over several years.

I feel honoured to have obtained this layout, and intend to resurrect it to fully functional working.

The main board connects to the "station board" to its left, the high station connecting over a viaduct to the high track to the left.

There were, it seems, several seperate twin track lengths of circuit, perhaps around the perimeter of a "train room", to complete the layout.

I intend to post further piccies of the station board, tomorrow, which will hopefully make this clearer.

I felt that having two termini, as well as the branch line station and the other run through station, was too much, my intention was to delete the lower station and build a coal mine with sidings and loaders etc etc at that site.

Your perception in envisaging how the track would work better is confirming parts of what I intended to do.

I have the luxury of having the track here and have spent hours mulling this over.

I had already decided to seperate the running circuits around the bottom end, reverse the swap over, from outer to inner, and place a "multiple cross over" I have already fabricated from four med rad points and a cross-over, have I got the correct terminology, on the left run of the twin circuits, to achieve exactly that which you suggest !!.

Nice one !!.

Thankyou to everyone who has viewed my project.

I am trying to identify the builder of this layout as a small etched brass plaque would in some small way acknowledge his efforts in this layout. ( important to me ).

vbr Chris A.
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Hey Guys,

here are a few more piccies of the layout !!.

First the left hand end of the track.

Second, the middle section, including tghe "fault line" which will go when I permanently join the boards. Have to make access to the return of the inner circuits in case of de-rail or malfunction in the tunnels.

Thirdly, the right hand end of the track, including the shunting yard and the branch line station.

Having previewed the post I have them in the reverse order, I'm sure you can work them out !!.

vbr Chris A.

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Hey Guys,

This project is now continued in the my layout forum.

vbr Chris A.
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