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Newbie OldTrack.

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Hi Guys,

I am slowly getting the hang of this. I have previuosly posted on Welcome Forum, then on N Gauge Forum, including photos !!.

Now changing to "On My Layout" Forum to show project progress.

These photos show one half of the track as it is, and the rolling stock I have accumulated so far !!.

Also is a piccie of the first track which I have modified to deal with what I see as probs with the original design .

Here we go !!.

1. My favourite big loco pulls some coal wagons around the lower station, where my coal mine is due to be !!.

2. A closer shot of same.

3. At the down end of the upper station, we see some activity with the crane, perhaps going to help pull up the old track.

4. Meanwhile, a passenger train waits to leave lower station, and a beer wagon is hooked up to go.

5. A bit later a coal train passes a mixed-goods held on the outer circuit. Here by the way, we can see the pillar base, (just by the steaming loco), which supported the track from the upper station over to the main station board.

6. Here is my reversal of a point set from outer-outer circuit to outer, and my made up double crossover to allow interaction between the inner and outer circuits, laid in place about where they are intended to be.

I hope these have given an insight into this half of the layout. These are likely to be the last piccies of this board before the old track is ripped up and the trackway cleaned up ready for the new tracks.

VBR Chris A.
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Ey Up,

thanks for your appreciation "PB",

vbr Chris A.
Hello Chaps,

here I am going to try posting piccies of the "station board" mentioned earlier.

1. Overview. Note the main board would join from the LHS, forming a "T". This photo appears to have shrunk overnight !!??.

2. Here we have the end-on view. I suspect that originally this board had long running double tracks around the edge of a track room, with the "main board" into the centre of that room.

3. Here we see the right hand end of the station board, my intention is to join onto that right hand end, and run track down the far side at the base of the stone wall. The white blocks at the bottom seem to be attachment for another board. I see the signalman has a greenhouse for his quiet times !!.

4. Here in all it's magnificence is the main station !!.

5. In the middle of the layout can be seen the high level entrance from the upper station on the main board.

6. Here, at the left hand end, can be seen is the entry from the "seperated track" on the main board.
The plan is to add on a return loop to the left, to go back across the station to the "main board" at the other end. To achieve this the main through lines will have to disappear into a tunnel in a hillside which conceals the return loop. A bit contrived I know but difficult otherwise. Any other suggestions ??.

Well I hope you found these interesting. I think it is worth doing this project as a lot of hard work has gone into it.
Any and all comments will be welcome.
VBR Chris A.
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Well, I've finally started rebuilding the oldie track !!.

First remove old track, then trial lay the new track :

Can you more experienced guys have a look at the layout and let me know your thoughts, negative or positive !!??.

I am thinking in terms of wiring really. Note that there are two double slips !!. Is that a bit to much, over the top or whatever ??.

Back to the board, I have removed the "lower station" and am playing with the building layout of my new mine.
It all looks a bit "new" cos no weathering done yet !!.

These piccies are a bit small !!??.

I will redo the post with the originals.

vbr Chris A.
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thanks for the offer of help in this matter.

What seems to be happening is that photobucket has uploaded the thumbnails rather than the piccies themselves.

How do I get round this ??.

It is obviously something I am doing, or not doing, any pointers ??.

Cheers, vbr Chris A.
Good Morning DWB,

when I right click for properties this is the address I get :-


compared with the previous succesful posted photo ( for example ) :-


Is there any significance to the "i" instead of "s", and the added "th_"

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, I am currently tearing my hair out !!.

vbr Chris A.
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Hi All,

following my appeal for help from DWB, I tried simply removing the "th_" from the address, and here is what happened !!??.

This is the trial fit for the new track. If you look carefully you will make out the curved points at the apex of the outer circuit, and the large radius points to feed them. Also the two "double slips croccovers".

Am I being too complicated, and can I power up and control this set-up ??.

Next is a trial layout of the new coal mine to replace the lower station. All new at present, no weathering blending in etc., just trying the layout.

Any comments negative or indeed positive most welcome.

vbr Chris A.
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