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Just picked up the Hornby mixed goods digital set and THIS a Bachmann class 25 Diesel. Now, as I understand it, I need a decoder to make it work with the digital setup. My question is, what decoder do I need? I notice in that link it mentions a 21 pin DCC decoder 36-554. If I fit that is that all I need for it to work on the Hornby digital mixed goods set??

Oh and can anyone recomend any good shops around the Romsey area?

Many thanks,

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Any 21 pin DCC decoder will do. Bachmann naturally advertise their own, but there are alternatives from other manufacturers. (You also have the options of getting a 21 to 8 pin adaptor, so that any decoder with an 8pin plug - of which there are a very large range - will fit; or significantly altering the wiring and soldering in a decoder.)

As for what model shope are in your area
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