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QUOTE Q1: If I got a DCC system, can it run the analogue loco's until I get them changed?

Q2: If I get DCC Ready loco's and chip them, can they be run using an analogue controller if necessary?

Q3: Would separating out points control into a seperate board be better?
Hi Graeme,
In order...
1. Not all DC systems will work that way around. Some offer the option of one DC loco. While some systems may allow this, consideration needs to be given to the fact that the DCC power is permanently applied to the rails, as a sort of ac signal, I really don't think your loco's motors may like that long term!
2. Some, not all decoders, offer this option. So chose your decoders carefully.
3. Not sure what you mean by "a separate board"?? If you mean controlling the points from a Non DCC source then that's ok. However if you chose to operate them from the DCC system I would recommend providing a separate power supply to actually drive the motors, as using the DCC bus supply will rob the loco's eventually of sufficient power.

Why not take the plunge and change fully over to DCC ? If you can't convert all the locos immediatly then either leave them on a totally isolated siding (Both rails insulated) or in the dispaly case
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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