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Hi folk,
thanks for membership. Located outer eastern suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Retired loco driver, still active as volunteer fireman on narrow gauge public steam Railway.
Dabbled in model railway for 35 years but up until now have not attempted a permanent layout in HO. Designed an elaborate N scale layout on a common house door which was enjoyed by my children when they were young.
Finally decided to construct a 12' x 15" shelf layout in my hobby room (former bedroom) and am in the process of laying track and points.
Also, have bit the bullet and entered the mystical world of DCC... ESU equipment. Have ECoS, LokProgrammer and tester and two Lokswitch units.
Scratchbuilder of loco's and wagons, constructor of brass/white metal loco kits plus plastic carriage and wagon kits.
Convention is Victorian Railways, circa 1970-2010 amounting to vehicles I have either driven or fired on.
Looking forward to both contributing and learning during active membership.

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Welcome to the group Rosco.

I hail from a little further north than you in Sydney.

My modelling activities documented here:
Thanks Graham,
A like fellow from the land of Oz.... (we know the equator is to the north, and water doesn't run uphill)..
I'll take a peek at your activities later tonight.... making hay whilst the sun shines down here, a reare commodity at this time of year....

You're lucky - we have 2-3 days of really heavy rain forecasted up here - 150mm.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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