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QUOTE (jimmygreen @ 10 May 2008, 21:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello Guys,
I've just started this hobby again after an absence of some 50 years and decided to start by building a Roxey Omega 0 gauge LSWR G6 0-6-0. The model itself has gone together really well for a 1st attempt at whitemodel building so thats a result. My problem is a lack of understanding of how to fit the motor. Presently I have a mashima motor fitted with a cage which I believe the axle runs through. I also have a seperate cog wheel but dont know how or what to fit to the motor worm drive? How is the whole connected and made to run?
Is there an article I can access or can any one guide me through this last stage of model building so I can get her up and running. Ive spent some time on the net but unable to find anything which gives me much guidance.

Any advice given will be gratefully accepted. I dont want her to end up on a shelf gathering dust

usually the gearbox (your "cage" will be supplied with a worm gear and a gear for the axle. these two are a "design fit" for the gearbox and should mesh perfectly when the axle gear is fitted and the motor/worm installed.

The worm bore must be the same as the diameter of the motor shaft of course. I use loctite to fit them together rather than a grub screw, but thats up to you.

Contact your kit seller or perhaps tower Models in blackpool who specialise in O scale kits - or contact Roxy perhaps as if you've got the axle gear and gearbox, you should also have been supplied with the worm!

For an excellent book on loco construction which covers gearboxes etc get a cpoy of Iain Rices book on locomotive construction - its well written, very readable and easy to follow - most examples are in 4mm scale but the same principals all apply in O scale!


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