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I'll be going so I'll try and bump into you both! (But not anyones layout...)

And talking of layouts this is a very appealing list of those attending so whatever your scale, epoch or country there should be plenty to scintillate:

Colditz Stadt N DR
Obbekær (The Ribe Skibbroen Project) P87 Finescale Danish
Trisannabrucke N OBB
Maranique 009 French Narrow Gauge
30 de Septiembre HO Cuban
Wildschonau HOe Austrian
Zevendaal HO NS
Smatorp HO SJ
Bad Feriendorf Z DB
Unserstadt N SBB
Neidlingen HOe DR
Zoefeld DB HO DB
Spitzweisertal N DB
Burton Old Bridge OO
BR (NW)Present day
Aversac HO SNCF
Saint Laurent Ardennes HO SNCB/NMBS
Pradeux HO SNCF
Depot de Roudepeage HO SNCF
Milan Industrial Railway (Milano Indusi Ferrovaire) HO FS
Route's End HO Trams
San Juan N RENFE
Gordon Wiseman N SNCF

Does anyone know what lighting is like at the venue, and so whether it's worth bringing my photographic apparatus? I assume it will be in the school hall or a sports hall so windows may or may not be provided?

is asleep
758 Posts
QUOTE (Piermaster @ 21 Jun 2008, 19:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A great day out at this exhibition. Thanks to Geoff Booth for helping me out during my breaks, but Goedel where art thou, Goedel? We never saw you!!!
I'm glad it was good, I wish I could have come. Unfortunately I had a domestic emergency, my new neighbour's two greyhounds got hold of the cat at about five in the morning yesterday and half murdered it. By the time it was all sorted out, apart from the cat obviously, I'd missed the train...

But I'll definitely be there next year so I hope to see you then instead...
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