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Bach have already announced the 105 DMU and Peppercorn A2 for the future. I hope the 105 DMU is not in a siding trapped behind the class 150, 4CEP, and MPV... At least the steam items got through, Jubilee, Duck 8, Std 4. Someone was rumouring that the ROD is definitely coming, I do hope so; and the recent NRM co-productions (DP1, Duck 8) make this feel credible. If they could be persuaded to replicate all the NRM's content I should be a very happy bunny!

As for Hornby, they have only 2 months to deliver much of their 2008 new loco programme: T9, Schools, Std 4, HST, and the various reisuue/upgrade items like the Duchess with sound, Railroad 9F, Limby class 20; that's what I can recall quickly from memory, and that is quite a big years' programme...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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