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I'm kinda hoping the Blue corner come up with a Standard 2, 78019 would be nice and posibly the tank version too.
I'm looking forward to the A2 as well.

From the Red corner. Now they've got a working 4-4-0 chassis blueprint a D49 would be nice especially if they do a Lentz Rotary Cam Poppet Valve gear equiped version as there are no RTR locos so fitted.
While we're in a North Eastern frame of mind a new B17 would also go down well.

I feel that these choices are not to unreasonable in terms of what they've got to design to get them out. The Std 2 could share the chassis from the Ivatt 2, the D49 and B17 would share the tender.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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