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*** Small Steam would be my choice, all for LMS/LMR areas:

Actually this area is really ignored by both brands, with small tender locos notable by their absence which is silly as they were the bread and butter earners for most regions, not the big locos! more big steam:

Midland Compound and 2P in 4-4-0, Outside frame Kirtley 0-6-0, Deeley/Fowler 3F and 4F 0-6-0 tender loco's with preferably Deeley tenders, plus perhaps a 0-4-4 passenger tank. All with cast bodies and loco drive or perhaps for those with tenders, tender mounted motor and cardan shaft under the fallplate so loco drive can be packed with weight for better balance and adhesion...

NO traction tyres!

Rolling stock too: More diagrammes of Midland Period 2 / LMS Period 3 coaches so a sensible corridor train can be made up.... Vestibule 3rds to match dining car, sleepers, large window first class etc etc... A couple of LMS Suburbans in current quality tooling. Some coaches produced with full Period 2 lining.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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