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A multi-funtional gauge that helps you set
your wheel-sets and check track gauge.

I'm building quite a few points and this help to make sure everything
is fine before I run into problems with the trains.

The shape of the gauge itself also gives you clearances of structures,
bridges, tunnels and platforms based on the AAR (Association of
American Railroads) clearances.

There are several track gauges in common use for the OO
scale market ranging from 16.5mm to 19.1mm. The NMRA Standards reflect a
4'9" track gauge. Manufacturers are encouraged to label both the scale and
the gauge for these models.

Sure it's American, but what is readily available for Europeal OO and
HO layouts? At least this helps in getting the track and rolling stock
working together without having play around with calipers.

For more information about the gauge, see the NMRA site here:

You can pick it up on eBay for about $10.


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I have 3 mark 3 versions...whatever the difference is??

One for for Sn3 and one for [strangely]..OO/On2 1/2!!!

I found them useful for wheel checks...but for trackwork a proper three point gauge is my favorite...

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I picked one up recently from a guy selling some second-hand stuff. Very useful.
Do you see how the Americans spell gauge?
Thinking about it, it's one of those words that people often spell 'guage' so maybe there's method in their madness!

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QUOTE Thinking about it, it's one of those words that people often spell 'guage'
I used to until I taught myself to remember that it is not pronounced or spelt "goo - age". Now I'm ok; just another 9,999 other words to get right..

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