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Like a kid in a candy shop i want it all....

I want to build a HUGE rail layout, with masses of scenery etc etc etc...

However one element i never did model when i was a kid was the track, and even then when i did have a loft layout building my own track appealed. So inevitably i have been slowly drawn to this and have been looking into building my own.. (more questions to follow under seperate threads).

On my prowling of the WEB for info on building your own track i have come across a company in Canada ? called Fast Track (found on which says its producst comply to the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) standards.

I have never heard of this - is this an American / Canadian thing or is there something similar in the UK.

This is just a question out of interest...

Thanks in advance

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Anything in US or Canada will be HO and not OO scale, and hence their trackwork will not be the correct design for the UK.

If you are really into hand-built UK trackwork then C&L finescale have everything you need -

Plus there's also SMP trackwork from Marcways -

Hand-building your own track for a "huge" layout will keep you off the streets for a fair while.....
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Thanks RFS - planning on starting small to see if i am any good at making track - could be a a big learning curve ...
If you haven't already found the Templot website, here's a link It should help you along that learning curve...

QUOTE which says its producst comply to the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) standards.

The NMRA is an association of modellers,in the USA, created way back in the bone age to act as a ''pressure group'' to persuade manufacturers to produce wheelsets and couplers that conform to ''a common standard''.

ie, wheelsets are of identical profile, shape, dimensions, gauge, etc, as everyone else's......same with couplers.

this commonality was to ensure that each maker's stock.......AND track flangeway widths, etc..which go hand-in-glove with wheel standards....ran with/coupled to, another maker's stuff.

Such were the numbers of modellers/customers, and equally, numbers of makers.....that the NMRA were very effective at getting everbody to 'comply' not do so essentially spelt death to a product.

The NMRA has expanded its standards to encompass pretty much all aspects of modelling....and have been adopted at last by even the UK makers!

It is a big pity that the likes of the old BRMSB in the UK didn't have any influence over british makers in the 1950's....judging by the total mishmash of wheel standards, couplers and track standards being sold to UK modellers...which doubtless spawned the multitude of 'finescale'' modelling standards found within the UK?

Because of the efforts of the NMRA all those years ago, anybody modelling US prototypes [and Canadian, by default] pretty much had finescale track and running straight from the box!

Only in more recent time have the likes of Proto 87. etc emerged, as modellers sought to improve what already existed, no doubt influenced by the likes of Scalefour and P4 from the UK?
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