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NO-OX can it be used on DCC ?

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Hi All,

A friend has seen this product in the U.S. NO-OX and is thinking of using it on a DCC layout i dont doubt its conductive properties but will it conflict with any signals from the control as cleanliness on the track is paramount in DCC have any of you seen it bieng used and what are the results ?
This is a write up on it
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Hi Nick

Sounds like a good solution , a bit of surface chemistry bonding to the metal surface creating a conductive compound instead of a non conductive oxide.

I wonder if anyone on the forum has tried this


**** The black stuff on the rails that comes off on your finger is 97% copper oxide, with the rest other base metals and gneral crud. Anything that stops it forming is a plus. I don't agree with the use of sandpaper but a fine track cleaner is fine. I'd also vacuum as part of the cleanup process.

I use a similar product from time to time on customers locos as well as my own, but the one I use is outrageously expensive - $100 for 20ml, so its used sparingly on pickups and wheels.

The product mentioned looks worth a try. As always, results will be as good as the pre-clean and quality of the application process

It reminds me of the Audiofile product "Tweek" also really expensive

used on audio connections to improve conductivity We used it on outdoor PA hires after doing a test with a large stereo P A system left side "tweeked" right side not we had about 15db gain on the tweeked side swapped the multitude of speaker leads
right to left at the Amps and it reversed the result so then we used it both sides to a good result.

Regards Zmil
Where do you get the stuff would like to try if not to dear?

regards Noel
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Many thanks for your comments .....

Yes Richard i did frown on the use of sandpaper myself but the product sounds well in principle with a different track preparation, i'll mail my friend back and find out where it can be bought Zmil/Noel and post the address here
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