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Noch have announced that as of now the new H0 NOCH Laser-Cut Bridge Kit System is available. Following the great success of the NOCH Laser-Cut Bridge Kits over the last few years, NOCH introduce a new innovative bridge system for 2012, combining the advantages of Laser-Cut and hard foam components for the individual modeller. All delicately lasered bridge kits can be combined amongst themselves so that perfect bridge constructions can be assembled. For the creation and assembly of bridges, there are no limits to your imagination, as many Laser-Cut bridges already available from the NOCH range can be combined with this new system.

For example the steel bridge (ref. 67010) can also be used as a truss approach bridge. It can be assembled in three different versions. To combine bridges with or without a beam and / or with different widths on one bridge pier, an Adapter Piece is necessary. The Adapter Pieces required to combine different bridges are listed in the instruction manual included in the respective bridge package.

If you want to combine the new Truss Girder Bridge (ref. 67029) with the already available Steel Bridge (ref. 67010), you will need one Adapter Piece. To combine the Truss Girder Bridge with the Argen Steel Bridge (ref. 67030), you will need two Adapter Pieces.

See video at the bottom of this post to see the construction process (in German).

The Laser-Cut Bridge Kit System includes the following items:

Ref. 67023 Truss Approach Bridge H0

Ref. 67024 Bridge Deck straight+b.heads H0

Ref. 67025 Bridge Deck curved R1 H0

Ref. 67026 Bridge Deck curved R2 H0

Ref. 67027 Fishbelly Bridge+br.heads H0

Ref. 67028 Fishbelly Bridge+br.heads H0

Ref. 67029 Truss Girder Bridge +br.heads H0

Ref. 67031 Bridge Pier Adapter Piece H0

Ref. 67032 Bridge Pier H0

The very popular H0 Steel Bridge is now finally available as a building kit in N gauge (ref. 62810). This high quality product is manufactured of a special laser cardboard and does not lack in detail. The rivets of the steel construction are delicately laser formed and the surfaces of the plank on the top of the bridge are exquisitely structured. The kit contains two NOCH hard foam bridgeheads and the glue required for assembly.

Ref. 62810 Steel Bridge w/ Bridge Heads N
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