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Noch new items - Summer 2008

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Laser cut building kits (HO)
Noch have released some interesting new models including a range of laser cut building kits, pictured above and here below, these models are easily assembled. Made from card and glued with paper glue or similar.

Boats (HO)
A new range of small boats and crew designed to liven up your waterways. Family fishing, Canoes, Pedal boat & Dinghy.

Special purpose vehicles (HO)
Noch have expanded the range first presented in 2007 with 4 new vehicles. These are for static display only.

Coaches and carts (HO)
More classic horse drawn vehicles for older layouts.

More info from Noch in English here:

These items can be obtained from your favourite Noch dealer. I do know that Ontracks do supply some Noch products and can probably order in what they don't have in stock.
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I have a sample of one of the Noch boats - the pedalo with two figures. If anyone with a relatively modern layout that has a lake or pond would like this then please send me a message and I'll send it along.

The condition is that you have to take a few photos of the model once installed and tell us what you think of it on the forums.
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