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The 'high current' problem should not occur with small DCC layouts where you probably could not get enough moving locos on the track to make the current demand high enough to be a problem. And on larger layouts you will have the 'bus-bars' running round connected to the track at intervals which should eliminate the problem.
The only problems I've heard about are with the Hornby 'live steamers' where a single loco takes around 5 to 6 amps. Some people have experienced problems with loose 'fishplates' (rail joiners) when using these on small layouts and with some makes of pointwork other than Hornby. But on my layout (2m by 3.2m) (6ft 6in by 10ft) with track feeds about every 800mm (32ins) I've had no problems with live steam - the points are by-passed too to avoid heavy currents through the switch blade contacts. And where I've used rail joiners, I've soldered the outside of each track to the rail joiner just to be certain.
Hope this helps,
John Webb
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