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There is enough room in the Hornby J94 for a Silver or Gold mini. When I get back down home in a week or soo I'll post some pictures of the J94 with a Gold mini installed. I'm also working on a Bachmann J72 which will get a Silver mini if I can get one but this will require some machining of the chassis to get it to fit.
Most British models made in the last few years can be fitted with a decoder reasonably easily but some are just a little difficult. Older 3 pole Ringfield or pancake type motors aren't really worth the effort unless you can get a remotoring kit for them. The later 5 pole Ringfields work okay but can be a bit noisy due to the sloppy mechanisim. I am also converting an older tender drive Britannia to can motor drive in the boiler with a NWSL gearbox. Yes you can fit any NMRA or NEM compliant decoder to bachmann or Hornby locos fitted with a DCC socket.


QUOTE (edzmen @ 11 Dec 2006, 05:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>For sheer lack of space I got the impression that the Hornby J94 would be a bit tricky - and I have three which would require chipping...
The rest are all express engines - so there should be room in the body no problem.

Just out of interest, can Bachmann loco's use Hornby Decoders?

Are the cheaper decoders worth the bother - or does it show in the running of the loco?
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