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I am starting an SR seaside- based layout to be built in my attic. The builder has promised to begin the flooring and installation of power sockets soon,and the lighting, all of the plasterboarding, Velux windows and be finished by the end of May, so I am in the middle of baseboard building and the siting of the main station and the engine shed.
I want a shed area to accomodate around 10 - 12 locos of varying size, so I was amazed at the apparent lack of choice. Two track units seem to be the norm so I was left scratching my head and looking at odd side views of sheds in various books. Something on the lines of a small Bournemouth Central shed, which I seem to remember from my youth, having spent two or three holidays in the town and having to be dragged away kicking and screaming as the darkness fell. ( I suspect , from some of the comments I have read, that there are some amongst us who would have to be dragged K &S TO the station, but I am sure it is only one or two.)

I found a picture in Model Rail of an `O` gauge shed and with some trepidation decided to have a go at scratch building in 40 and 60 thou Plasticard.

The `Northern Lights`roof was easier than I thought, marking out being the crucial part. Remembering that 3,4 and 5 are the measurements for a Right Angled triangle, mark out the longest edge, in my case 25cms. in 5 cm divisions, the with a set of compasses mark out the 4 and 3 cm lengths and where they intersect is the apex of the triangle. Connect the dots and there you are. As it is a mirror image, you only have to mark out once.

I have found that it is easier to cut thick plasticard with a scriber that a craft knife so with a couple of hours the sides and back were formed, and half of the roof sections. Windows cut in one of the side walls, the other side will not be visible, and then I ran out of Plasticard so it was off to Footplate here in sunny Kidderminster, to raid their supplies. I decided to put a stonework overlay on the outside wall to relieve the otherwise flat surface so here I am waiting for all of the glue to dry in the glazed bits, and hoping the walling wont fall off and wondering why the digital camera wont work. Once I have solved No. 3, I will add some pictures.

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Sounds good PeterD.

It really is suprising how poor the current range of kits is with respect to engine sheds. If you are looking for a single or double shed then fine, but you will struggle with anything bigger. The only other option is the townstreet north light shed, but it too is small so would cost something like £200 for all the components I would need! I will require an LNWR North Light engine shed as part of my depot layout and like yourself will probably end up sctatch building it. I won't be attempting it for some time yet but have aquired some books on the topic, the most useful being "LNWR Portrayed" by Jack Nelson which contains both photographs and line drawings.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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