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QUOTE i remember a copy of model railway constructor from the late 70's or early 80's. it had an LNER layout. there was no ballast, there were trainset curves evrywhere and by serious model railway standards it was pretty poor.

but i was fixated with a layout that was full of streaks and A3's and even striling singles. it looked sleek!Per Pedromorgan

I remember similar types of layout . From memory around November 77 Railway Modeller, a modern image layout with lots of MTK locos and mus. I think there was a sense of "fun" then which is lacking in the modern railway press. Nowadays layouts seem to have to be works of art to get into the mags. There is little attention given to the more basic layouts. Don't get me wrong, not suggesting a "dumbing down" approach- but just that there should be a range of layout types of all abilities.

I remember RM fro April 82 , I think. The layout was called Hanbury . It was the railway of the month. There was much Hornby-Dublo, Hornby overall roof and Superquick buildings ,all easily identifiable, but the layout was an inspiration as to what could be done without going to the nth degree. The author went into great detail as to the operation of the layout, which again is something you don't often see these days. But , above all, it was just great fun!The layout proved an inspiration for me, and for several years afterwards I experimented to get a similar track layout.

It would be nice if we could get back to "fun". Life is far too serious these days

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