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Novice help

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I understand the basics of how to get started ie I have my track & layout design. I roughly understand how to put cork/ballast down, but, would appreciate help on how to cut into a tunnel using the board level as the inner track and having seperate outer track approx 80mm higher around using large radius.

Hope this makes sense
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Welcome to the forum!

If you can give us an idea of the size of your layout, preferably with a sketch of the track plan, I'm sure some of us here will help out with advice.

John Webb
I would recommend you looking at the Right Track series of Dvds They i have found to be Very helpful in regards to building a layout Im

building one myself Look at their website But as ive found its such a vast subject It needs to be planned properly No

matter how big or small its going to be One other suggestion is to visit as many Exhibitions as you can to gauge other modellers layouts + to

ask questions Ive found these are the first port of call The backbone of this wonderful Hobby Hope this helps you in some way Best regards

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