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QUOTE (ashleyh @ 9 Sep 2008, 12:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>All sold out now, just checked the NRM website.

I was lucky, my first one was faulty, but I managed to get a replacement at the back ed of last week, just before they all sold again. Excellent service from Nicola at the NRM, she also refunded my return postage costs on the faulty model, not eveyone does that.

Gave it a brief test this morning and was very impressed. Nice bright white LEDs on the front and red at the rear, looks very effective. Interestingy the instruction sheet covers the DCC Sound version, so maybe that will be the next release. So the NRM have now sold 4000 of these in about 9 months or so, must be something of a record. I wonder how many are owned by genuine modellers and how many are in a queue for Ebay.

I may well be tempted to have a go with the DCC Concepts sound chip when funds allow. Bit tight at the moment, and then there is the Bachmann 24 with Sound, the Super Ds have just arrived and seem to be disappearing fast.

Looks like it is going to be another expensive run up to Christmas, pity our mortgage has just gone up £300


I had the same problem as Ashley above. My Deltic, received last week, was faulty (would not run when placed on the test track - though the lights worked). I immediately contacted NRM and, same as Ashley, spoke to Nicola who advised me to send it back for replacement. I now have a working Deltic and refunded return postage costs - so well done NRM!
Not so well done Bachmann. I would have thought that, being a "limited edition" and therefore more expensive than the standard model, they would have been extra careful with their quality control before sending the models to the NRM (I should imagine the Museum have taken a dim view of this too). Also, I wonder what happens to the faulty ones which get returned? Of the 1000 available, we now know that at lesst two were returned to NRM - are they repaired and put back on sale? Or is the limited edition even more limited now?
Anyway, I am glad I managed to get hold of one at £110. Like the rest of you guys, I would not pay more to the rip-off merchants on E-Bay!
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