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QUOTE (alanb @ 11 Dec 2007, 16:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I put the loco back together, and took it back to the shop I bought it from for a full refund. Which I got. Shops have special 'return' forms for just this purpose. I have seen them when I have returned Hornby and Bachmann.

The point is that if the loco is designed for someone to take apart to put in a decoder, it should not fall to pieces whilst doing this. It is actually 'Not fit for purpose'.

So please - if you get anything that is defective, take it back or send it back to the shop where purchased for a replacement or refund. Manufacturers may then start to spend money on quality control.


Sorry, no we don't have special 'return' forms. We have to do exactly what you do, write a letter, pack it well and send it off. In all cases, unlike yourself, all we get is a credit note against further purchases (usually not including anything for the cost of P&P either!). Some larger shops may be able to return via reps. visits but us smaller folk only get a visit once a year (or less). Having refunded the customer it leaves me open to financial difficulties if the manufacturer refuses to refund on the grounds that altering or modifying the product negates any responsibility on their part! We now test all new locomotives arriving before putting them out for sale and again at point of sale if requested! Quality control is better than it was but could still be improved. I suspect that some damage occurs when locos are placed in their final (extremely tight) packaging and possibly in transit to (and within) the UK as I have found a number with loose or broken fittings at different times.

David Y
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