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NSWGR C38 Pacific

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Eureka Models follow on from the success of their Garratt with a model of the NSWGR C38 in Streamlined and un streamlined versions. The pictures above show pre production models.

All variations will be available with
factory fitted sound and/or optional factory weathering

HO scale C38 will feature:

Optional Sound!
Sound equiped models include factory fitted DCC chip
Model, including sound effects, will operate with both DCC and standard 12v DC
Non sound equiped models are DCC ready
NMRA wheel profiles
Kadee compatible couplers
All wheel pick-up
ABS Boiler and Tender Body
Detailed cab including crew

The first run will comprise:

3801 3805 Lined Green

3801 3803 Lined Black

3813 Lined Green/black smokebox

3820 Lined Black

3827 Lined Green/green smokebox

3830 Lined Green/black smokebox
(as currently preserved)

Non-streamlined (numbers to be advised) Lined Black

Non-streamlined (numbers to be advised) Lined Green

The 38 Class: Corrections to the pilot models are underway at the factory and will be completed when work resumes in March after Chinese New Year. Art-work is nearing completion and will be at the factory when work resumes in March. Painted samples are also now nearing completion and will accompany the art-work.

It is always dangerous to predict delivery dates but if corrections and paint masks are completed in March an April/May production date is likely

These are available for $595 Aussie and for an extra $99 you get sound too.
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Some very nice shots . 3830 looks very nice indeed (I think I prefer C38s unstreamilined)

I recall someone has announced a re-release of the old Lima C38 , but given some comments that were made elsewhere about the Lima Aussie HO range being pretty poor to the point where they were a reason for modelling another country, presumably Eureka won't be losing any sleep over that?

Head to head clashes seem to be this year's fashion in RTR
Certainly very attractive models - I'm almost tempted.


Yes they are nice but they are in ABS plastic and if the Lima 38 was anything to go quite light in the weight stakes. The Eureka Garrett is a nice model but it is quite light and nowhere near the weight of of a Footplate Garrett. Here's a pictute of my C38 which is a Footplate kit/

or you can try your hand at a Garrett. I really must paint it one rainy day.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 15 Feb 2007, 20:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Certainly very attractive models - I'm almost tempted.


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The C38 looks great . It has weight and presence - think Eureka's photos have been a bit unlucky with the shadows
QUOTE (Ozzie21 @ 15 Feb 2007, 21:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>rats the Garrett did appear.

Your Garratt's pretty awesome Ozzie.
I'd get one if I thought I could do a similar job. Unfortunately I have never tried one of these kits and a Garratt is probably not the one to start on.
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