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Nuclear Rail Traffic on the Cumbrian Coast

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Over the last couple of weeks the DRS hauled nuclear traffic has ramped up between Sellafield and the Barrow marine termiinal. Prior to this it has been a bit quiet with only the traffic to Heysham power station coming south

The 6C51/6C52 working is always top and tailed due to the reverse move at Morecambe to get down the Heysham Harbour Branch. 88 006 Juno leads with 68 016 Fearless behind though Kirkby in Furness

Many people assume the Ramsden Dock branch in Barrow is mothballed and are always suprised when a 68 comes into view

68 018 leads a train consisting of all six KXA-C wagons with seven PFA spacers onto the Dock branch heading for the Marine terminal

68 009 at the rear. This was on the front before the reversing move at Salthouse Junction

The two 68s left the rake of wagons on the dock pending the arrival of the boats and returned light engine to Sellafield

Hurrying past the, still not repaired, Askam in Furness signal box

Lots to go at and if you are happy I'll keep adding to this thread going forward (I have a lot of stuff!)

video from the 4th of May

next will be the action from Tuesday and Thursday including the KXA-Cs loaded with flasks

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So this week got busy Tuesday's 0C23 was the light engine move from Sellafield to the dock with 68 003 Astute and 68 004 Rapid

In the intervening period 6C51 Sellafield to Heysham power station passes Kirkby in Furness (Lidgate UWC) top and tailed with 68 001 Evolution and 68 016 Fearless

I caught the return Barrow-Sellafield working 7X24 at Kirkby in Furness where in a sweeping panorama you can film a train all the way from Sandside, through Kirkby Station and follow it nearly continously all the way across the Estuary to Green Road and Millom.

Two loaded KXA-Cs with one empty destined fof Sellafield

And later on 6C52 Heysham P.S to Sellafield passed through Askam

Two days later 68 002 Intrepid and 68 005 Defiant returned to the dock with three KXA-Cs, two loaded with adaptor frames. Seen at Barrow, Devonshire Road Bridge. Sadly the undergrowth is starting to get a bit high again here. The embankment I'm stood on is the retaining wall for the Ormsgill Reservoir which used to serve the giant Barrow Steelworks. In the background is the remains of the Slag bank

With five flasks loaded 7X24 Barrow M.T to Sellafield rumbles through Askam in Furness. The down platform was bouncing under my feet as it passed!

Had to edit the video footage down a lot there was so much of it

More soon

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