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No bull and straight to the point. I used M3 Nylon 6.6 PA screws and did the following:

Once you remove screw get stiff piece of wire, measure depth of plastic to metal frame inside hole, screw came out of. In my case 7.8mm. Subtract 1mm to end up with finished size of screw. Measure hole diameter and find appropriate tap to suit. In my case M3.

Tap hole with intermediate tap first remembering this is a fine thread, you are tapping plastic so go easy. At the start go in 4 full rotations of tap and back off a 1/4 turn, then every 2 rotations and back off. This is to break the chip.

Once correct depth is reached gently remove tap, holding up side down insuring no swarf falls into the motor. Optional you don't have to do this, run a plug tap through.

Remove plug tap following above and cut Nylon 6.6 PA screw to size. Check size of pickup as you may need to file bigger. Put nylon screw in and away you go.

Where to get the stuff Nylon, Acetal Polyprop screws from any good hobby shop or electronic shop. Taps local hardware store or engineering tool supplies.

I didn't bother using a tapping wrench, as I really wanted to feel how the tap was going.

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