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QUOTE (Ian 47 @ 27 Jun 2008, 03:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello

I have been attempting to obtain some specific information in order to convert a number of Hornby locomotives with tender drives to DCC, however, I am getting increasing frustrated because instead of answering my question and supplying the information requested (or being honest and admitting they don't know the answer) go on at considerable length about the need to isolate the brushes from the chassis when converting to DCC.

If they had bothered to read the question properly they should have realised that I am trying to replace some steel screws with nylon or plastic ones (i.e. insulated) with the same dimensions. I have even supplied details of the Hornby Part numbers concerned from their service sheets, and whilst I appreciate not all of them may not have access to the service sheets - unfortunately the fact that Hornby themselves appear unable to supply this information.

The screws concerned are shown on the relevant Hornby services sheets as part numbers S 1245 or S 1147 dependent on the type of cover plate used.

Obviously in order to try and obtain replacements I need to know the size of the screw in a format that is meaningful to a screw manufacturer

Hoping someone can assist me with this problem


Ian 47

PS - Locos types involved are 28xx, County 4-4-0, Schools and Duchess

*** There is no Nylon or plastic direct replacement easily available, however the Mfrs of Kadee couplers do a nylon screw that works - ie you can use a Kadee 2-56 nylon screw cut to length. Any Kadee stockist will be able to get them for you.

(Weshdiesel - the metal lug applies to only some versions of the hornby tender drive/power bogie motor - many variants are made simply with only long screws to a metal frame)

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