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We were sorting out the attic of a family member the other day and we came across an O gauge train set.

It's a French Hornby Meccano Set (Hornby Paris) late 1950's - 'Le Provincial'

It has some interesting items in perfect condition. These images below are not photos of the set, but photos found on the Net of the same items. The condition is the same.

Loco: Motrice type BB 9200

Two coaches: Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Europeens

Two log waggons:

A box full of 3-rail track - enough for a large 8x4 oval and a couple of sidings:

An interesting 20 volt Transformer, and a box in a very sad state. It is obvious that the kid that owned this set was not really into trains as they are in immaculate condition.

Looking on eBay I found some of the items in the set, but not the set itself. There was an auction ending today actually for the loco: here. It fetched 324.00 Euros. I wonder what the whole set could go for?

Anyway, this is not for sale as the family now has an interest in models like this. It got me thinking on the idea of putting a layout into the garden. O scale is a little big for the house, but the garden would be a perfect place to run some trains.

Funny how you never think that you may get interested in something different from what you model until perhaps a chance arises that lets you see briefly into another world.

Watch this space.
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