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Hello fellow members--

I have quite a mixed bag of items for-Sale

they include some superb! O gauge premium price wagons (upgraded by Adrian Marks (buckjumper)

Corgi 1:50 scale all British Railways vehicles (ltd edition)
there are also railway DVD`S
O gauge Books e.t.c

But living in Norway as i do..afraid on books in particular postge is very maybe not worth it..the corgis if purchased in bulk..would coast about £25.00 approx to send in box. (offering good deal on these)? all pristine boxed condition

but rather than list everything..i am pasting a link to FLIKR my photo`s so you can see what i have for sale..should you have any interest in any items please e-mail me or send a private message and i can give you full details /prices e.t.c.[/size][email protected]/[/size]

many thanks

all the very best Steve
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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