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Scales are a sore topic with me… I am quietly going mad at the variations while trying to rationalise some bridge designs. The mixed units don't help much: 7mm/ft (1/43.5) for UK '0' scale, but it's 1/48 scale in North America - a bit smaller, but the loading gauge is bigger. Then there's either 10mm/ft or 1/32 scale for '1' scale. I recently went to see someone who said he wanted models for 'G' scale, which is usually narrow gauge 1/22.5 scale. What he actually wanted was 1/29, though it uses the same 45mm gauge track as traditional '1' and 'G'. But it was a garden railway, and as far as he was concerned, that was 'G' by definition. End of rant...

I'd also be interested to know where else bullhead rail was used. I've always had the impression that is was almost unknown in continental Europe, and that the Vignoles rail was standard there, but I wonder if it would have been used on British-built overseas railways, such as in South America?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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