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O Gauge Scratchbuilt Signal Box

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Its been a while since i have posted up any pictures of things im building !!! This is mainly because I have so much else going on at the moment!!

Anyhow this is the latest model i have finished - i built it as a present for a my friends husband...............................

here are some of the interior shots......................................

This fire has a little red lamp in it to make it glow...........................

and it lights up at night !!!!!

just thought you would all like to see it...............................................

Nikki x
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Hi Madkitten

Great work , I like the interior details and the lighting pictures look fantastic

Regards Zmil
Superb work Nikki & thanks for showing it to us.

The interior details are excellent & I especially like the well worn looking wooden floor.

(Still looking for the book for you !)
Hi Nikki,

Excellent signal box like the night shots the lighting gives loads of atmoshpere i'm sure you husbands friend is delighted with it.

(Hows the T gauge coming on )
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Really atmospheric

Thanks for sharing that with us.

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A nice bit of work. Did you use someone's kit for the lever frame and instruments or are they completely your own construction? Just that I'm thinking of making a model of St Albans South (I've been helping to restore the prototype!) and wondered if there was anything 'off the shelf'.

John Webb
the entire item is built from scratch including the lever frame etc and all the equipment................. Its taken a while!!! its either built from balsa sheet of flat plastic sheet which was carved , moulded or engraved / scribed by hand!!

I have some st albans drawings somewhere including some interior drawings - will see if i can find them for you if you need them!!

Thanks for all the nice comments..................!!!

Nikki x
I've only been a forum member for about a month, but in 4 weeks I've had for more stimulation to model/attempt things than I've ever had in 40 years of reading magazines. Why? Because of posts like yours. An absolutely fantastic model, thank you for posting it, not only that but members can ask questions as to how things were done, so we end up with a very informative "how do you do that" forum, which for well below average modellers like me, is a Godsend. Thank you again for the post and keep up the good work.

Thankyou so much for your kind comments clive!!
if you need any help at any time please just ask im always to happy to help anyone i can!!!
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QUOTE (Madkitten @ 16 Nov 2008, 20:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>....I have some st albans drawings somewhere including some interior drawings - will see if i can find them for you if you need them...

Thanks for the offer, but I have access to the drawings produced for the restoration, so that's no problem. (It's a model of the restored box I'm contemplating building to take to exhibitions and the like - may be 10mm/ft rather than 7mm)

On second thoughts - are they for St Albans South and if so what age are they? It may be that they could be of interest to the Trust if not directly to me.

That is a great job Madkitten. Given me inspiration to get the firebox flickering action going in my 4mm scale stove in my model. Thank you for sharing.
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