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O Gauge Starting Point

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So where do i start in O gauge , i can get a load of decent trank very cheapily , and think it would be nice to use

But what controllers should i use ?

what are the good RTR locos in O , im more a diesel man

Are there any good interweb sites on the subject?

Regards Nathan
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QUOTE (Nathan Rodgers @ 9 Jan 2007, 20:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>But what controllers should i use ?

I use the same controllers on all my layouts, from N to G. They are a pair of elderly Gaugemasters dating back to the late 1980's and a pair of the small Bachmann units that come with train sets. I have only recently bought the Bachmann controllers, both second hand, and have not tried them with O yet but they work fine with N, OO and G so I don't envisiage any problems with O (my O scale layout is stored in the shed at the moment and has not been run since I bought the new controllers.)

Ready to run locos, I bought an American 6 wheeled shunter s/h for thirty pounds about four years ago, it is an excellent runner and makes a good freelance industrial shunter when fitted with dumb buffers and three link couplings.

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i have just done some paper calculations for a 7mm scale kit and already i hate 7mm! there are no patterns with the nimber 7. why couldnt they have 8 or 6 instead they choose a bloddy prime number!!

I've just got the Skytrak Sentinal, at £150 its an excellent runner and will pull 4 heavy coaches with ease, not sure how many wagons but would think more than the prototype. If you want diesels then try ebay and the old lima ones, not quite scale but can be dressed up quite well. Also the atlas range and some of the american loco drives can be used with scratch built 'plastikard' bodies. If you are serious about O then the Gauge O Guild is a must, for the trade support alone. If you can get to Kettering in march a visit to the Guilds spring show will open your eyes as to what is available.

O is the best scale, in my opinion, but then I have been modelling in O for 40+ years.


mike g
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