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O Gauge Turntables

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Hi All,

I'm sure that some of you will know the fantastic Fleischmann turntabes in HO. Does anyone know of a source of a similar table in 0 Gauge, or who may make one ? I would love to have one.

Grateful for any info.
I live in Germany but model British Steam.
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I don't know the Fleischmann turntable, but I do know if you want a good scale model in kit form of a British turntable you might take a look at Midland Railway Centre's offerings, here. No connection with them, but I have an OO one and it looks the part, and performs well, although delivery at the time I got mine a couple of years ago, was very slow. Also, my experience was you need quite good soldering skills to assemble their kits.
Hope that helps,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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