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Hi Tom,

The wall insulation marterial is superb and by far the best way to form landscape shapes though mess as has been mentioned, i have used it on my layout ''Morganth'' http://www.modelrailforum.ycom/forums/inde...5965&st=105 (previous postings ) shows how i built the scenery up ...... carving it for a rock formation couldnt be easier a hacksaw blade /knife/ and a half inch wide paintbrush to brush out the bits after initially shaping the foam with the hacksaw blade cut horizontal parallel to the surface of the foam the more cuts the better ..... if the knife drags change the blade for a sharp one aa serated edged vegatable knife works well ........ eventually the foam will give way and create rock strata as in the pictures on my thread, Of course it can be covered in scenic scatter as an option or a combination of both.

If you lay it in sheets a lake/canal can be easily be cut out ......... i hope this gives you some ideas for you layout

I did see an article about Oasis placed in a coffee grinder/blender used as an option for ground cover ........ many time a florist will throw scraps of oasis ..... a visit to them might be useful to ask if they have any scraps .
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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