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One of my reasons for choosing York as a prototype was that I would not have to get to grips with semaphore signalling, colour lights having been introduced in 1951/2. I had my fill of semaphores on my previous layout.

To make a modular range of semaphore signals is a tall order (deliberate pun). Clearly anything based on a motor under the baseboard is not going to work as each design of signal would need a different set of actuating wires. What you need is an actuator that can be hidden in the post immediately next to the signal arm. In these days of mobile phones that double as computers, sat navs and Ipods, perhaps that is not a impossible, but it sounds hideously expensive.

I can imagine a tiny solenoid inside a 25mm section of the post with a soft iron core suspended on a spring with an attachment to an actuating lever fixed onto the signal arm spindle. The power being supplied by fine wires. It would then be possible to fix this unit onto another to make a home and distant signal, or onto a signal gantry. You would need to make upper and lower quadrant versions. Too difficult perhaps?

An alternative arrangement would involve memory wire in place of the solenoid and soft iron core, still inside the signal post, which could be either square or round. Actually that does not sound too difficult to arrange..................

Thats set another hare running.

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