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Is it possible that it has nothing to do with the programming, Could it be with the mounting of the chip in the first place. They are not the most straight forward of locos to fit a chip to. This is how I fit chips to split frame locos. The motor terminals use the split chassis to take power from the track. One side is + and the other is - . You have to isolate the terminal's on the motor from the chassis. I usually drill 2 holes from the cab end so that the holes appear where terminals would have touched the chassis. Trough the holes the orange and grey wires are treaded trough and soldered to the terminals on the motor. The red wire is connected to one of the split frames and the black to the other. If you have a multimeter check for continuity from the orange wire to both sides of the chassis and the same with the grey wire. While it is a B###h of a job believe me the most difficult part for me was where to put the chip. Usually in the tender but you have to put extension's on to the chip harness as most are too short. My experience to date are with the British outline locos.
Hope this is of some help.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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