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Cap'n Jack, Any Bachmann split frame requires that the motor be removed as one side of the motor is always in contact with the frame. You will have to sepearate the frame halves by undoing the screws and being careful not to lose any of the frame spacers in the process. You will then have to provide some form of insulation where the motor brush holders come in contact with the frame halves. I usually glue some 10thou plastcard into the frame halves. The orange and grey wires can then be attached to to the brush holders and the motor refitted to the frames. Take care not to pinch the wires between the frames. Reassemble the frames taking care to refit all the frame spacers. The red and black wires need to be attached to opposite frame halves. After yoh have assembeled everything check for continuity with a multimeter between each frame half and the motor brushes before you put it on the programming track. If you get a reading from the multimeter, I use 20kohms setting, then you will have to pull it apart again as you have something touching. If all is good then proceed to the programming track and program away.

best of luck
Charles Emerson

QUOTE (Cpt Jack Sparrow @ 28 Oct 2008, 07:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>that's 3 dcc chip sets fried in as many days

all trying to fit them into bachman split chassis loco. i give up!!!!!!!

Cpt jack
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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