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OLD LOCO HELP !!!!!!!!!

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I have several N gauge Atlas EMD E8 lcos made in italy i would like to have converted to dcc, my problems with them are how do i make sure the motor is isolated form the chassis as it is mounted vertically directly over the bogie driving straight down, the motor casing touches the chassis for pick up and i am stumped
as to how to isolate it from the chassis there maye be enough space to wrap it in kapton tape if this would solve it,
Also how do i wire it for pick up to the track has anyone converted ether one of these or a similar loco as i am loathed to part with them as they are reliable runners.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.
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You mean the ancient Atlas EMD E8's with the plunger pick-ups?
I have one which I'm thinking of converting. I think it should be possible. If you go to this link you will see full details of the motor contacts etc. (click on the photo's for close-ups).
Fascinating. Can't wait to see pictures of an A unit done so that I can copy it. :)
Thank you. They will come in really useful. They may be old locos, but I like them. :)
Possibly Conrail blue?
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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