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OLD LOCO HELP !!!!!!!!!

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I have several N gauge Atlas EMD E8 lcos made in italy i would like to have converted to dcc, my problems with them are how do i make sure the motor is isolated form the chassis as it is mounted vertically directly over the bogie driving straight down, the motor casing touches the chassis for pick up and i am stumped
as to how to isolate it from the chassis there maye be enough space to wrap it in kapton tape if this would solve it,
Also how do i wire it for pick up to the track has anyone converted ether one of these or a similar loco as i am loathed to part with them as they are reliable runners.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.
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QUOTE (poliss @ 29 Jun 2008, 23:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You mean the ancient Atlas EMD E8's with the plunger pick-ups?

Hi Poliss,

Thats the ones they are just like mine, it seems from the read up there i have all the variants of them including the two types of trucks pictured, also i have just dcc'd one of two kato chassis undecorated ones in my collection these were easy to convert as they split the lower chassis into two halves and fitted a plastic plate between the two chassis halves.
So are the older type shown in the picture there not a feasible idea on dcc then ?

Thank Richard,

I will take a better look at the motor tonight, i do hope it works ok, Poliss many thanks for the link as Richard says it is a very useful source of reference.
Let you know how i go on with them.
After trying one the motor tonight it isnt workin as well as it could, new brushes and springs could solve it or replace the motor with a new equivelant if such a motor is available, maybe this would be an idea for the long term as they are some years old.
Is there a supplier in the U.K. where i can source a replacement motor complete with worm as i have several chassis's dug out tonight with dead motors.
Hi Richard,

Yes i have three reliable runners the fourth one i tried is a smaller loco but the same chassis design and layout one and was a little sluggish it was a thought to replace the motor on it, the other chassis i picked up in a lot a while ago without bodies there are about 6 non runners a listing on ebay sounds a good option.

I was using it as a test for conversion then move on to the reliable runners.
Completed one chassis successfully, although it is the B unit for the E8 which uses the same chassis without the light of course.

I removed the tab on the motor as Richard mentioned and used the tab trimmed to solder the orange wire to, remove the old black wire from the other motor side in preparation for the grey wire.
Where the old wire leads to the front truck from motor brush i removed the metal plate, leaving the original sprung stud resting on the plastic plate.
On the front truck the copper tracks on the underside of the brown central plate were cleaned along with the wheels, on the topside of the truck a roughened a spot on each of the two chrome like plates to accept solder with an abrasive wheel in the minicraft drill was needed red to one plate black repeated on the other the wires threaded through the slit in the plastic where the previously removed metal contact had been.
Out wth the voltmeter for testing on dc track of the pick ups, (if the truck is tested alone make sure the truck retaining screw is removed as the spring pushes it to the contact tracks on the little brown board) i left the light wires a little long for future use of the decoder in another loco, the front wires were left long to allow movement, a TCS M1 decoder was fitted and tested voila success.

Pictures of the fnished loco chassis are here click on the pic to see the other views,
Sorry they are on a link but i am unable to resize them for uploading on the forum.
Hope this helps anyone contemplating a similar project.
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One note i omitted last night is with the front truck the hole on top of the plate where the retaining screw passes through to the chassis it needs a tiny piece of tape just as insurance to save any shorts.

I will add a pic later this eve........
QUOTE (poliss @ 2 Jul 2008, 02:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Fascinating. Can't wait to see pictures of an A unit done so that I can copy it. :)

Hi Poliss,

Here with a little delay are the pics of the A unit loco chassis very similar to the B unit only differing in the LED added ........

Good luck converting them
good solid smooth running locos fingers crossed the motor holds out
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Postie caught me before work with two more of these locos, no idea of the strange attempt of a livery though
.... now where is the phone number for more decoders ......
and harbour mist grey /yellow paint
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