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Old newbie...

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Hi all,

New to the forum....

Hoping to learn....

I live in Derbyshire uk and after many years away from the hobby - have started (slowly) to construct an attic layout. A very long way to go!
There is no rush, i imagine it will take a year or two...perhaps longer....

Anyway, hello, looking forward to where this takes me...

Chris Scott

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Welcome Chris, looking forward to watching the layout progress.

Hi Julian....
Thanks for the encouragement.....
Merry Christmas Chris, as another Chris always nice to be with the same ilk, so tell us what you are modelling what you have done so far and what is intended 'cos we is nosy and like to see what others are up to, please feel free to post and never fear we will be critical, give advice sure, but that is our way, we have already been there after all.

Hi Chris! lol..

I am starting again - the last layout i had was as a kid in the 70's!!
As i am quickly approaching retirement (I am 58) this seems to me to be something i have put of for far too long (life and kids got in the way!!) Anyway the kids have now all left home and i have gained a bit of room and a lot more time to play - as a side note the wife is very supportive - and as it gets me out of the way she cant be more pleased!! lol
My Attic has a floor and is in an ok condition - ideal with a bit more work for a reasonably sized layout. I have started fitting a base around the edges - though i need to get hold of some more boarding - at the moment its a 3rd done.
I am completely out of the loop so to speak and intend to learn as i go. There is no rush and it will take as long as it takes. Currently i have been building a few metcalfe structures in my spare time - really enjoy it too. I have got hold a Bachmann Crab second hand that i completely fell in love with...bizarrely i was adamant i was going to build a midland 70's diesel layout as i have very fond memories and as a kid in the 70's - i was a bit of a local train spotter. Spent so many great times with me best mate 'Cookie' on the local railway seeing what we could.
So as a complete surprise to me the Cab has captured my imagination. To cut a long story short i am going to try to build an era 3 LMS layout.
As an avid fan of all things past - i suppose it was inevitable i would be drawn to steam.
All the best- i will post a few pics - though please understand this is a very 'work in progress' not a lot to see yet....

All the best from this an old newbi!

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Here's a couple of pics - please be aware this is just a very basic starting point :)
Train Rolling stock Track Wood Railway
Wood Brick Building Gas Toy
Wood Floor Flooring Wood stain Hardwood

Window Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain


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That's a very suitable space for a model railway kingdom! Take your time researching what's now available in the way of model products. For your planned time period, there's much better bullhead rail track recently introduced from Peco, if you want to consider that. You have the space for larger curve radii in flexitrack, which look and operate far better.
I will, like i say.. just going to take my time....there is a bewildering amount of products these days from what i can see...all very tempting!
I am limited in knowledge...but i do not want to just buy stuff - though every time i visit my local model shop it is very tempting - so much eye candy!!
There is a lot of terminology to get my head around too....the last time i had a layout DCC was not a thing...indeed i am not planning on using it at the moment - i want it to be simple from that point of view - though i do intent to have a go at simple led lighting mainly for buildings...
Anyway thanks for your interest and help in my baby steps!...
I would say the product has moved on so just beware of secondhand models for instance
Bachmann - split chassis - deadly and a lot of bother especially with age
Hornby - safer but grindy noises etc
Generally if it has a dcc socket then it'll be newer standard
If you get caught Peco do an excellent publication about fitting dcc to older models, it's so much easier with one that has a plug.
If you are going for the 1930's LMS then this was a critical time as Stanier swept so much away in ruthless standardisation, he had no soul for old stuff even to the extent when an old Midland 2-4-0 turned up at works in Derby he had it cut up despite his staff trying to save it so those years 1933 to 1937 saw the wipe out of pre grouping non standard locos and then he went onto LNWR classes, it was a major extinction event. so dateline matters here. (if you want it to be an accurate expression of a date)
Hi and sorry for the late reply....(Christmas lol) Wow this is all new info for me - I have been busy - but i want to learn about all this - have been searching online and will purchase a few books - Also recently got hold of just a single hornby lms era 3 coach, obviously i need more but wanted to see what you get for a modest price. As its new it looks too shiny to me! - the roof in silver seems just wrong but i have read this is actually correct? - I have been dabbling with weathering - might try a bit on the coach - is was only a cheap railroad series. Adding detail to a budget item is of interest to me though i am a novice.
Welcome Chris, initial observation is it looks a good space, well fitted and warm. Nice one. As well as making a decision on what controller to use, have a look at Anyrail (its on Google) so you can visualise a track plan for your space. Saves time and optimises track spend. Cheers
Hi - Sorry been busy with Christmas hence the late reply...
Thanks for the tip....
As i start to look at the different options i find i am quite overwhelmed - by the sheer amount of products!
For instance, over the Christmas hols i popped into my local model shop (yet again!) and came away with a few bits n' bobs that had nothing to do with what i went in for...(went in for era 3 coaches came out with a card kit for a tunnel entrance!) and also came out with more questions than answers! lol
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Hi David,
Yes - this is so true - i am on a journey finding out about my chosen era....there is a lot more to it than just buying coaches and plonking them on the layout will not be up to the standards of the skilled people i have seen. But i will try my best!!

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You can, of course, model more than one era if you wish, if you are careful to have only stock from one era on the layout at any one time, although it is inevitable that there will be some details on the layout that may not be 100% accurate for each period. My models are Caledonian and Highland Railways circa 1922, LMS late 1930s to 1947 and BR steam era (with some diesels). This approach isn't for everyone though.
Hi and thanks - I think initially I want to stick to the era and try to set it to be in the Derbyshire area - rolling countryside type of thing...but I am flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak...:)-) I imagine as I progress I will be buying other era items that will fit in and allow me to enjoy other types of rolling stock. Though I do prefer the older things 70's and back...
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