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Old newbie...

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Hi all,

New to the forum....

Hoping to learn....

I live in Derbyshire uk and after many years away from the hobby - have started (slowly) to construct an attic layout. A very long way to go!
There is no rush, i imagine it will take a year or two...perhaps longer....

Anyway, hello, looking forward to where this takes me...

Chris Scott

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Merry Christmas Chris, as another Chris always nice to be with the same ilk, so tell us what you are modelling what you have done so far and what is intended 'cos we is nosy and like to see what others are up to, please feel free to post and never fear we will be critical, give advice sure, but that is our way, we have already been there after all.

I would say the product has moved on so just beware of secondhand models for instance
Bachmann - split chassis - deadly and a lot of bother especially with age
Hornby - safer but grindy noises etc
Generally if it has a dcc socket then it'll be newer standard
If you get caught Peco do an excellent publication about fitting dcc to older models, it's so much easier with one that has a plug.
If you are going for the 1930's LMS then this was a critical time as Stanier swept so much away in ruthless standardisation, he had no soul for old stuff even to the extent when an old Midland 2-4-0 turned up at works in Derby he had it cut up despite his staff trying to save it so those years 1933 to 1937 saw the wipe out of pre grouping non standard locos and then he went onto LNWR classes, it was a major extinction event. so dateline matters here. (if you want it to be an accurate expression of a date)
Not heard from you for a while - are you still about and how is it going?
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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