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I spent quite a few lunch times in Argyle Models when I was an engineer cadet at Glasgow Nautical College in the early 1970's. Mark you a lot of the other cadets thought it a bit strange I didn't spend the time in the Pub!
Macmillan's was a bit further away so I didn't get there very often, but I did buy a complete Trix Transpenine unit from them; still got that. I seem to remember they had two shops, though I think one was more a newsagents.
Occasionally visited the shop in Cambridge Street [Glassfords?] when we were up at Stow College for workshop training. The owner [I assume] was a bit of a strange character, if you asked "do you keep…….?" His immediate reply was "No, I don't keep things, I sell them"!

Being an Edinburgh 'boy' [still am] I've know Harburn Hobbies for years, firstly at the foot of Leith Walk.
The other shop I remember from the 60's was up by the Kings Theatre on the corner of either Gilmore Place or Gillespie Crescent.
Railmail also had a shop in Morrison Street for a few years and there was a short lived one out Clerk Street way.

Must be getting old reminiscing like this!!!!

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